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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eksentrika and what do you guys do?
What do you guys offer to your readers?
How can I get listed on Eksentrika's Artist Registry and what are the criteria to be listed?
Do you accept submissions from your readers?
What is Eksentrika's editorial policy?
What do you look for in complimentary submissions?
Do the writers own the copyright of all literary works published on Eksentrika?
What's your photo policy like?
Do you list events?
I'm experiencing a bug. Who do I report to?
Do you collect any personal information and what do you do with them?
I want to advertise on Eksentrika.
I want to sell my artisanal products, books, and ebooks on Eksentrika. What's your Terms of Service like?
I bought items on Eksentrika Shop. What's your Cancelation and Return policy like?