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Recommended Reading List on Malaysia

Hi All

If you had a friend from over-seas, and they happened to ask : Are there any fiction novels you could recommend that tells people about Malaysia? How would you respond?

I would recommend the following three novels:

1. Devil's Place, by Brian Gomez. Publisher: Fixi Novo

Some of the jokes inside are rather dirty, and some of them are pretty racist, but essentially, Devil's Place is about a man's struggle to live in Malaysia, and all the racism and discrimination that takes place in the country.

2. Hantu Macabre, by Jill Girardi . Publisher: Fixi Novo

Interesting story about a paranormal investigator, and her cranky 'toyol' partner. I love how the author weaves in the legend of the Pontianak into a supernatural crime thriller, and her descriptions of Penang are on point. I believe this book won the Fixi Novo Crime Novel competition in 2017.  A definite recommendation.


3. How the Man in Green saved Pahang, and possibly the World.

By Joshua Kam. Publisher: Epigram Books

Winner of the 2020 Epigram award. I like this book for its descriptions on Pahang. Granted, this book is unabashedly targeted for the LGBTQ market, but aside from that, Lydia's character arc in the book makes for a very compelling read.


The books on this list are based on my opinion. I like to ask: What books would you recommend your friends to read, if they like to read up on Malaysia?