Ysabel Loh


Ysabel Loh

Writer, Performer, Multi-disciplinary Artist

Penang, Malaysia

Ysabel Loh is a multi-disciplinary, award-winning international performance and digital artist with a background in screenwriting, video game development, theatre, film, dance, music, and art.

Her many local and international projects primarily explore cultural identity and heritage.

She recently produced an immersive work as part of Cahaya XR at George Town Festival 2022 and will be presenting her VR video game on Climate Change and preservation of Sea Nomadic Culture at SensArts Festival in November 2023.

Ysabel holds a BA (Hons) in English and Theatre (University of Warwick) and an MA in Digital Media Production (University College London).

She is currently based in Penang, Malaysia. Ysabel works as a screenplay consultant to International/European production houses and film festivals.

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