William Yap


William Yap

Actor, Scriptwriter, Director, Producer 

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

An actor, a script writer, a director, a producer and a publicist, the multi-talented William Yap Yai Leong has been active in the local Chinese speaking theater scene since school days.

He made his directing debut in January 2010 by initiating & co-producing “LOVE” short play project and received Best Original Script for his recent “SORRY IN LOVE” project in ADA Drama Awards 2012. His recent directive works such as <PEOPLE LIKE US>, <FIRST LOVE>, <LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP>, <OLD BIRD>, <SICK>, <O.N.S.>, <w(b)itches>, <BFF>, <35>, <P2>, <Ri Chang>, <In Between (never give up)>, <Living Together> had received critical acclaims and overwhelmed box office from the audience. His works were always got nominated & won in ADA Drama Awards such as Best Lead Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Poster & Best Original Script for <SICK>. He was invited to be one of the 10 directors to be featured in the klpac 10th Anniversay Director Showcase in which his <Messy Water> was well received too. His recent work <35> won the best set and the best lighting design in 15th Boh Cameronian Arts Awards.

William is also one of the cofounders of CloudTheatre, an online ticketed streaming platform for arts & culture shows. Designed and developed by Malaysian theatre practitioners, its innovative digital theatre has successfully bring the physical theatre experience online, by mimicking physical theatre experiences like front of house ticket checking, lounge area, live chat, live voting, photo-booth, and post-show dialogue. Since its inception, it has brought many local play, comedy, music, and musical performances online, reaching audiences both locally, and internationally from 50 countries.

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