Rapper, Sound Designer


Wheelsmith (a.k.a. Danial Bawthan) is a rapper from Singapore. When he was four years old, he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy (a disorder that causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass). He found music and particularly hip-hop to be an equalizer for him, in that he was being recognized for his music and not by his disability.

Today, Wheelsmith is an accomplished rapper, beatboxer, hip-hop artist, songwriter and music producer. Some of his achievements include performing alongside other local personalities at Singapore’s National Day Parade 2019 and venturing into soundscape composing and acting in a theatre collaboration between Singapore and the UK.

He is currently working on his debut EP of original music. His goal is to set an example for the next generation, shift the focus from disability to ability, and be living proof that the disabled can follow their dreams.


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