Wani Ardy


Wani Ardy

Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Writer

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Born to Javanese-Johorean parents, Wani Ardy is a singer-songwriter, a poet performer, a published author, and a women’s health advocate. Though she has been making and sharing her own tunes the moment she picked up guitar at the age of 16, she only got on stage for the first time in 2002 as a performing arts student at a public university. Turning poems into lyrics and stories into songs – it was just Wani and her guitar during those early years, exploring music cafes and open mics. Gradually, her band began to take form, and together they have been playing since 2006. Apart from countless music festivals, poetry gigs, art events, performance centres, and creative spaces all over Malaysia, Wani has also performed in Singapore, Jakarta, Makassar, Banggai, Sydney, and Melbourne. Citing Portishead, The Swell Season, Padi, Sia, Pandai Besi, Kae Tempest, Filastine & Nova as her many influences, Wani’s sound ranges from acoustic music and pop rock to ambient poetry and trip hop. She writes in Malay, English, and occasionally Javanese. After 2 EPs, 1 single, and 2 compilations, Wani Ardy finally released her debut full-length album titled RASKAT in 2020.

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