Veshalini Naidu


Veshalini Naidu

Multi-disciplinary Artist, Actor

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Veshalini Naidu is a multidisciplinary artist who merges poetry, visual arts and theatre in their response to gender, sexuality and race in Malaysia. They have designed for advocacy groups and non-profits, and served as Resident Designer for Theatresauce’s 2019 season. Notable performances include Still Taming & S’kolah (2016), Malaysia Throws Herself A Birthday Party (2017), The Bee (2018), and To Which My Brother Laughed (2019). Directing credits include Skin & Flowers: In Tender and ROJA:Weaving A Womxn with Dhinesha Karthigesu. In 2020, they attended a residency at Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago for their queer watercolour series, Skin & Flowers.

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