Timmy Ong


Timmy Ong

Actor, Dancer, Musician, Writer, Theatre Artist

Penang & New York 

Timmy Ong is a Penang-born Malaysian actor, singer, musician, dancer, writer/maker, and theater artist based in New York City.

He co-founded The Green-Eyed Monster Project with Nik Waheeda, creating a range of works from conventional plays to site-specific theater.

Noteworthy commissioned works include Second Chances, a two-hander one-act play; The Girl Who Is Not Depressed, a spoken-word site-specific theater piece set in a dressing room as part of The Human Exhibit: Mental Health; This Is All I Have, a site-specific movement theater piece set in a microhouse commissioned by R!UH in collaboration with Taylor’s University; and Soul Food, a site-specific multidisciplinary surrealist theater set in a cafe at DPAC.

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