Tim Lim


Tim Lim

Ipoh, Malaysia

Singer, Songwriter

His looks may be ordinary from the first glance, but little would strangers know that he is one of the faces of the local independent music industry. This is the musical journey of Timothy Lim, also known as Tim Lim⁣

Coming from the rustic town of Ipoh, Tim hopes his music is able to create some positive vibe in local music scene. Tim has already released 2 albums and 2 EPs, which includes the recent release of “The Journal” in 2020 — an EP that captures everyday experiences.⁣

Tim’s songs are always aimed at reaching out to people with a theme that reflects on decisions we make in life and the challenges we face as it can be a learning experience where we can see our strengths and weaknesses as long we have the learning passion that drives us all.⁣

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