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Formed in 2004 in Malaysia; TerryandTheCuz have a rapidly growing reputation throughout Australia, Europe and The Americas for dismantling the norm.

Since 2010 they have written, directed, designed and produced ‘My Lingam Speaks’ a hybrid work in comedy, ‘Klue,Doh!’ a work in theatre, ‘The Bee Project’ a site specific work set in a functioning café, ‘Flatland; An Adaptation in Dance’, ‘Welcome2Flatland’ an Interactive Public Art Installation, ‘SK!N’ a work in contemporary performance based on true stories about Human Trafficking, ‘Citrawarna, Colours of Malaysia 2017’ a cultural spectacle set in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, ‘Thicker Than Water’ and the Off-Broadway season of ‘MADE IN AMERICA’ both presented at The Public Theater in New York City, ‘LIGHT’ a work about the shared colonial past of Penang and Adelaide which was presented by the Adelaide Festival Centre at the 2019 OzAsia Festival and ‘HuRU-hARa’ a hybrid performance space/concept at the 2020 AsiaTOPA Festival in Melbourne.

They are currently developing a new for Broadway endeavour titled ‘SP/IT’; ‘DVA LICA’ a contemporary reimagining of Croatian Folk Dance in collaboration with Ansambl LADO in Zagreb, a graphic novel/augmented reality project titled ‘UnderKL’, the New York City Premiere of ‘theSK!Nproject’, an immersive theatrical experience titled ‘ El Ciclo Vicioso’ in collaboration with The KONEX Cultural City in Buenos Aires and ‘The Failed Romances’ a hybrid cabaret about Love, Romance and Attraction through the lens of South Indian Cinema.

TerryandTheCuz strives to write, create and design intelligent, humorous, passionate, visceral performance art that reflects and engages with our changing society, and to attract newer and more diverse audiences to the arts. They seek to constantly develop and extend their collaborative performance-making practice with artists both local and abroad, to find new forms, voices and narratives in all our endeavours.

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