Tashfia Shamim


Tashfia Shamim


Dhaka, Bangladesh


I’m a freelance illustrator based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I work with graphic illustration, mixed media illustration, and motion graphics.

My work is stylized as whimsical, nostalgic illustrations with a hopeful or optimistic message or end goal. I want my work to be received as something comforting, handmade, intricate, deep, well-researched, and thoughtful. I am inspired by ‘vintage’ or ‘retro’ illustrated storybooks, especially children’s books.

I started as a fine artist and hobbyist with a full-time job and an education in Accounting and Finance. I mainly worked with inks and watercolour. Since then, I’ve taken up graphic illustration and now work with character design, editorial illustrations, concept art, avatar design, and graphical communication including custom-made illustrations and typography. The majority of the time, I am heavily involved in the creative direction for the output and work.

I take personal commissions and also work with organizations to realise stories visually. Some of my work is available for worldwide shipping as prints and merchandise for patrons (i.e. notebooks, greeting cards, tote bags) on tukitaki.xyz.

I am always in search of people to work with on interesting projects. Feel free to write to me at thenobodysgallery@gmail.com with any inquiries or just to say hi!

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