Sutra Foundation


Sutra Foundation

Performing Arts Centre

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sutra Foundation, a bastion of traditional and contemporary arts bequeathed to Malaysia by one of its sons, Datuk Ramli Ibrahim was established as a full-fledged and tax exempt Foundation in 2007 in order to secure its legacy for the future generations. It carries into the future the thread of Ramli’s vision and contribution to the Malaysian arts scene and strives to develop the breadth and depth of Malaysian performing and visual arts by stimulating the creative spirit of cross-cultural Malaysia. Sutra Foundation has presented outstanding local and international artists and groups and has cultivated professional and creative staffs in the areas of lighting, stage management, theatre production and administration. Various cultures come together here to forge a unique ‘sutra’ bond that fosters a universal yet distinctively Malaysian interpretation of the arts.

Sutra Foundation has been vital in maintaining Sutra’s activities when the arts face challenging times. It continues to provide Malaysia with sustained activities in the performing arts (Sutra Dance Theatre), exhibitions (Sutra Gallery & KamaRia Gallery) and teaching (Sutra Academy). Immense care goes into crafting a Sutra Production – be it in terms of impeccable design input, selection of dance talent, devising sets, costumes, lighting or graphics and marrying them to the choreographic intent to assure a flawless production.
Sutra Foundation is guided by its Board of Trustees

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