Suria Tei


Suria Tei



Suria Tei is an award-winning Malaysian writer who currently lives in Scotland. Her first novel, Little Hut of Leaping Fishes, was listed for the Man Asian Literary Prize and Best Scottish Fiction, and won Malaysia’s Readers’ Choice Award. She was also the scriptwriter for Night Swimmer which won Best Short Film at the Vendome International Film Festival.

Her latest book – Unspoken – is a memoir of living with mental illness where she delves into the roots of her chronic depression and psychosis, eventually finding answers in her formative years growing up in a conventional Malaysian Chinese family.

From grief to depression, from psychosis to catharsis, from East to West, Tei shares her past encounters and insights into life with unflinching honesty. Unspoken is a journey of self-discovery and understanding how the past conditions our present.


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