Suma Orientalis


Suma Orientalis

Fine Arts Gallery

Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Suma Orientalis is a fine art gallery. We hold art exhibitions, talks, open discussions, critics sessions and art festivals. We provide art advisory services and customise art appreciation courses for corporates and individuals.

Growing from our Southeast Asian root, Suma Orientalis holds our tagline “All About Asian Art” in heart, that’s because we are passionate in what Asians are good at, from fine art to historical collectibles.

We are a walk-in fine art gallery. We trade in fine art. Our chief function is to organise art exhibitions, art talks, art chats and other related events including art festivals. We also conduct crash courses for corporate companies and individuals wanting to learn more about art. In future, we may also organise art fairs and trade exhibitions. Not to be discounted is the antiques and collectables exhibitions, fairs and auctions which we are well qualified in.

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