Somdev Chattopadhyay


Somdev Chattopadhyay

Painter, Poet


Somdev Chattopadhyay was born on 17-07-1974 at Katihar, a district town in the state of Bihar, India. His father Sekhar Lal Chattopadhyay was employed in Katihar division of North East Frontier (NF) Railway. In his childhood, his versatile father was the inspiration behind growing interest in various forms of art, craft and other creativities. He faced a huge setback in early teenage due to father’s untimely demise but continued his journey with literature, painting, photography and other creative works. His wife, Paramita Pathak, a fan of his paintings, insisted him to continue creative work when he lost his inspiring and supportive mother, Manjusree Chattopadhyay amid Covid-19 pandemic last year. Somdev created ‘The Goddess’ at that time.

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