Shia Lynn Victor


Shia Lynn Victor

Artist, Crafter, Art Coach

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Shia Lynn Victor is a passionate Creative who believes in: Healing with Art and Doing What You Love.

She finds joy in inspiring people with creativity for personal growth.

Shia Lynn leads The Artsy Craftsy as a founder & creative director. In her community, Shia Lynn is known to be resourceful among fellow artists and crafters, and likes sharing her recommendations.

Apart from The Artsy Craftsy, she is also an Intuitive Visionary Artist (traditional and NFT) and co-organizes Craft Affair Malaysia, an artisanal handmade event.

Shia Lynn lives & breathes an artful life with her husband, Justin and their psychologically complex cat, Fuzzy (who thinks she’s a human). When she’s not channeling her inner-Frida, she enjoys organizing and decluttering her house (a strange yet interesting hobby) and binges on fantasy genre movies.

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