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Rozinor Razali

Filmmaker, Writer, Trainer


Rozinor Razali is a passionate filmmaker. Since 2007, he has been working hard in realizing his vision to build an ecosystem for independent filmmakers in Malaysia. He holds a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) in Strategic & Leadership from University of Economics, Katowice, Poland.

Rozinorazali’s art journey started way back at his hometown, where he joined a small theatre group as a backdrop designer and took part in theatre production works. Rozinor gained experience and often followed the state cultural activities with Johor Cultural Department during his younger days. He also specializes in graphic & multimedia where he set up a production house offering services in Production of Graphic & Multimedia Design, Videomaking, Writing, Training & Consultancy, etc.

Filmmaking is his passion where he took short courses at FINAS as well as pursued a professional 1 Year Conservatory Filmmaking course at New York Film Academy at Universal Studio, Los Angeles, United States of America. Rozinor has written, produced and directed many short films and dramas since then. His latest work is a feature film entitled ‘Meranduk Geruh Di Kaki Langit’ which has been awarded several honorouble mentions in international film festivals.

At present, Rozinor is working on his second feature film, an adaptation of Buya Hamka’s first novel ‘Tuan Direktur’ which is expected to start rolling in 2023.

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