Rhythm in Bronze


Rhythm in Bronze

Gamelan Ensemble 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Rhythm in Bronze is a Malaysian contemporary gamelan ensemble that pioneers new dimensions of gamelan performance.

Since being founded in 1997, Rhythm in Bronze has been championing to conserve Malaysia’s musical heritage.

They have been recognized for promoting and preserving Malaysia’s national heritage for future generations.

The ensemble has been raising awareness of the richness of Malay Contemporary Gamelan, especially in academic and world-music circles by constantly creating new compositions and experimenting with new approaches to performing on the instruments.

While many contemporary gamelan groups exist, very few are based on the Malay gamelan and fewer still incorporate the traditional roots and contemporary artistic sensibility as does Rhythm in Bronze.

Rhythm in Bronze has received widespread media attention in Malaysia and also many performing arts awards and accolades. Through its music, the broader international audience can be introduced to the unique form of Malay gamelan music and its evolution.

The group has also been instrumental in developing the genre of gamelan theatre in Malaysia and is the first to use the gamelan as its main musical medium in concerts, and aims to continue to explore and advance this unique performance style of Gamelan Theatre®.

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