Rebecca T Lin


Rebecca T Lin

Artist, Muralist

Hong Kong

Born into a creative family gifted in a multitude of arts from dance to music, Rebecca experimented in a range of media before finding her voice in graphic design, illustration and mural work.

In 2013, she gained interest in line drawing and polygonal illustration to communicate her idea of organised chaos experienced living in a city; emphasising the toxic work-life balance by producing portraits of pop culture celebrities and local controversial political figures using the technique.

In light of the Occupy Central movement in 2014, the artist emerged as a proud Hong Kong local. Touched by the protesting youths, she voiced solidarity by depicting the injustice in Mao-inspired screen-printed propaganda posters exhibited at UCA Degree Show at the University for Creative Arts (UK).

The journey towards painted mural projects started when co-founding #creativehustlershk from 2017-2020. She began working solo with her designs and execution with continued themes of well-being, painting city scapes or modern life surrounded by a scene of overgrown nature.

Recently, Rebecca returned to line drawing and began a new illustration project to empower women and promote body positivity by painting and embroidering nudes sent in by the public onto recycled paint tins and clothes for them to purchase – with the idea that one’s proud to wear their naked body without actually being naked.

Despite the COVID pandemic, the artist continues to work as a freelance illustrator and muralist, with clients such as HKwalls, Hong Kong Land, HSBC, MISSBISH, lululemon, Nike, and more. Click here for her client list and feel free to email for work or collaborative opportunties!

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