PT Narendran


PT Narendran

Bharatanatyam Choreographer, Nattuvangist & Dancer


Born into a family of traditional dancers, P.T.Narendran was initiated into Bharatanatyam, when he was 7, by his sister Kalamandalam Ambika. At age 11, he enrolled at the Rukmini Devi’s College of Fine Arts, The Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai, where he completed his diploma and post – graduated diploma in Bharatanatyam with first class honours.

After 10 years as a faculty member at the prestigious Kalakshetra Foundation, Narendran chose to freelance his art.

As a guest faculty, external examiner and lead performer with the Kalakshetra Foundation, he is often featured as a principle dancer in the world renowned Kalakshetra Dance Drama productions. He has been one of their foremost dancers since 1989 and proven his presence and command through the major characters he embodies.

A widely travelled Bharatanatyam exponent, Narendran’s profound Bhava (emotion), Abhinaya (expression) and hypnotizing sense of rhythm has received worldwide acclaim.

As a dancer, instructor and choreographer he collaborates on a variety of dance projects in the traditional, modern and contemporary genres, with renowned institutions like the Kalakshetra Foundation to Rudra Bejart Ballet, Switzerland.

He has presented numerous solo dance recitals, lecture demonstrations and workshops in many prestigious forums in India and over 30 countries around the world.

He has choreographed 19 dance drama productions and several Bharatanatyam repertoires to his credit. Some of his choreographies are taught as part of the curriculum at the Kalakshetra Foundation.

Currently, P.T. Narendran is an honourable member of the Governing board of the Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai.

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