PL Weng


PL Weng

Writer, Poet, Sci-Artist

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 


PL Weng is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She pursued her first science degree in Biological Sciences from UMT and later furthered her studies in M.Sc in Medical Microbiology in UPM. Her scientific work has been published in local and international journals. She is passionate about holistic education of all age groups and is a self taught Sci-artist. She has participated in a few local art competitions and hopes to collaborate with more artists (especially graffiti art) in the future.  She has recently dabbled in the creative writing scene and has published her first anthology of short stories and poetry in the Malay language titled Peluru Aksara with 15 other talented Malaysian writers from diverse backgrounds. She shares the same birthday as her favourite artist, Vincent van Gogh. She can be found on Instagram (@fievel_w) and Facebook (Pleng Weng).

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