Ono Kang


Ono Kang


Penang, Malaysia

Ono Kang is a native Penangite, born and bred by the jetties of Georgetown where his family worked as a junk ship sailors and traders in the charcoal industry. His family was his biggest

Influence and he wanted to inherit his grandfather’s junk ship when he grew up to sail with them around the region, importing and trading charcoal. However, that ambition was never meant to be. 

Ono is dyslexic but was never diagnosed of his symptom. He didn’t receive the help he needed and dropped out of school at young age. Restless in Penang, he started traveling at the tender age of 13. First to Singapore and then further and further away from home. But no matter where he goes, he considers Penang his home and no other. 

Ono has always been an avid collector of things since he was young, collecting old items in Georgetown – furniture, household items, gadgets, even factory machines, to remember his own heritage and history of his culture.

As his collection grew, Ono started to build sculptures and installations out of them – almost like building a diary out of his memory treasure. One of Ono’s wishes is always to be able to write, to be able to put to paper how he feel, and thoughts he would like to express. These artworks are his words, his personal tribute to his home, his family, his heritage, and his 40 years of living. 

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