Moontree House


Moontree House

Moontree is located near to Petaling Street, a Chinatown in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Moontree is not only a café serving good coffee and delicious light food, but also a feminism bookstore and handmade zakka store. Established in April 2010, Moontree has attracted plenty of coffee lovers, artists and intellectuals. The atmosphere here is very relaxed and makes visitors feel at home.

“Moontree” is the nickname of the café owner, Law Yee Wan, who writes essays and poems. This concept café combines the feminism bookstore, handmade zakka store and café together. Visitors can enjoy great coffee or flower tea at a quiet and clean place, when they are chatting with friends or reading book.

Moontree serves homemade food, cakes and cookies. Moontree’s siphon brewed coffees and ice drip coffees are using freshly roasted beans obtained through fair and equitable direct trade relationships.

Handmade zakkas here are created by local female artists. These creative and beautiful zakkas included dolls, accessories, bags and cards, are suitable as souvenirs to bring home.

Books sold in Moontree, mostly Chinese books, some are English books, are all about feminism and gender studies. Visitors may find some local female writers’ works here.

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