Mein Ding Gallery Studio


Mein Ding Gallery Studio

Art Gallery & Studio

Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Mein Ding Gallery Studio was founded by artists Peter W, a contemporary intuitive-spontaneous artist from Germany and Alice Ng, a contemplative intuitive artist from Malaysia in 2017 to showcase creations of their passion, their love for the arts and the importance of art.

One of the many art forms they both been practice is combination art. Combination art in this sense is when two or more artists’ works are combined into one art piece. Each piece reflects a special dynamic and story.

The words ‘Mein Ding’ means ‘My Thing’ in German and this name is synonymous with what the gallery believes in – that every artist is unique in their own inate creation and no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way of art-ing.

Mein Ding Gallery Studio has since contributed in the promotion of the arts in Ipoh through exhibitions and collaborative art workshops and retreats.

Long before their 2nd Mein Ding Gallery Studio was established in Malaysia, Museo De Arte was established (1998) in Budapest then C.Pariz Museo De Arte (now Mein Ding Gallery Studio.HU), Lajoskomárom in Hungary.

Besides showcasing their artworks in both countries, they are both similar in nature by which they celebrate and share their passion and love for art with eco living as a way of life by advocating ‘out-of-box’ art awareness, encouraging individual and group creativity in the community.

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