Mandy Maung


Mandy Maung

Painter, Illustrator

Penang, Malaysia

Born in 1985, Mandy Maung (also fondly known as MāMa) is a self-taught full-time painter and illustrator from Penang, Malaysia. After completing her studies majoring in graphics & multimedia design, she began her journey pursuing her passion for fine art.

She is known for visually articulating the peculiarity of the human emotions, portraitures and figures. Mandy’s artistic directions is deemed progressive as she dives deep into local subcultures, personal narratives and current events and emerges with her modern take on the deeply traditional genre of fine art – using oil as her preferred medium of choice. Her painting style also varies in influences from traditional art to the current approach of using different techniques as well as mixed media in her art.

Apart from studio life, Mandy takes her creativity outdoors and take part in painting murals for commercials and private establishments as a way to break the monotony in her art practice.

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