Kyle Kihira


Kyle Kihira

Pianist, Composer


Gifted pianist & composer. Born April 2, 2001.

Music is Kyle’s language. He expresses his inner world and emotions through improvisation. He composes music in a perfectly natural way, like breathing. With unlimited melodies and rhythms in his head, he fills his five-line staff without touching the piano’s keys. Since his early childhood, Kyle has been able to remember and perfectly play all the music he has ever heard, and immediately recreate even natural, ambient sound with the piano.

Kyle taught himself music theory, and by early elementary school, he had already written a great amount of music. His music has beautiful melodies and is rich in rhythm, filled with special harmonies and originality like no other.

He studies under Kawakami Masahiro (an associate professor at the Tokyo College of Music), who is a globally acknowledged authority on Nikolai Kapustin, who fused jazz and classical and created a new world of music. Kawakami calls Kyle’s talent for composition “genius.”

With his vibrant sensitivity, exceptional technique, and unique interpretation, Kyle gracefully plays his vast, boundaryless repertoire including classical, jazz, rock, and world music.

Kyle is a genius pianist: innocent, emotionally sensitive, has and filled with abundant energy. He creates his one-and-only world, and moreover, touches everybody.

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