Kwai Chai Hong


Kwai Chai Hong

Arts and Heritage Zone

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Kwai Chai Hong, also known as “Kwai Chai Hong 鬼仔巷” in Cantonese, is a historic area in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant street art.

The name “Kwai Chai Hong” translates to “Little Ghost Lane” or “Little Demon Alley”.

Project Kwai Chai Hong is Bai Chuan Management’s first project which features the restoration of the façade of 10 heritage shop houses and rejuvenation of the laneway in between Lorong Panggung and Jalan Petaling.

Bai Chuan translates to a hundred streams.

The company was named after a Chinese idiom which means “all rivers flow to the sea” – just like the iconic Kuala Lumpur Chinatown where Chinese immigrants from near and far will gather.


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