Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Artist, Sketcher, Educator 

From the early days, Stan Lee had wanted to be a comic book artist. After Form 5, (1970) he applied to Marvel Comics for a job. The rejection letter came 2 months later. Those days they only work with people who live in New York.

The pioneering years
1975- 1981 – Stan freelanced with Advertising Agencies drawing storyboards and illustrations making everything look good and attractive.
1982 – The Airbrush and Birth of Stan Design
It was really with his discovery of the Airbrush, that his freelance art career took off.  Literally – with flying colours. He has freelanced with Ogilvy & Mather, Leo Burnett, Lintas, J Walter Thompson, McCann Ericson among others

From Analogue to Digital
With the advent of 3D in 1994, Stan Design embraced the computer and leapfrogged into the digital age – his 3D Studio evolved and grew into a rendering farm creating walkthroughs and artists impressions for Housing developers; Sunrise, SP Setia, Berjaya, Dijaya, Sime UEP, Gamuda were his A list clients

The move to Canada
In 2010 he migrated to Canada to  set up a branch office in Toronto. However, the bottom soon fell out of the market when clients started sending work to China.

It was in Canada that he started to offer art classes in a Cafe environment, drawing crowds from adjacent carparks in a stripmall.

2014 Return To Malaysia- and going Public
He returned to Malaysia in 2014 and promptly joined a group of 20 artists life sketching in Batu Caves, sketching on an A4 drawing pad. This was to lead to larger collaborations (10 ft x 6 ft canvas) with other artists –  notably one at the main entrance of Berjaya Times Square where he drew with another artist in full view of people coming in and out of the mall.

He continues running brushup classes since coming back from his home studio. With Covid lockdown, he took his classes ONLINE

Back to Comics.
During Lockdown, he was commissioned to draw  blank comic covers  and invited to be part of a Singapore Malaysia Comic related Virtual Fan Festival. His art journey has come full circle.

A period of isolation and reflection followed in Lockdown and Stan emerged with a new pen name – KULit. From the ashes of Covid19, a phoenix called  KULit rises. It has taken flight ONLINE.

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