Kris Williamson


Kris Williamson

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Writer, Editor, Publisher

Kris Williamson is a publishing consultant, author, and editor. He is the director of Literary Concept and editor of the quarterly Southeast Asian-themed literary journal Anak Sastra. He has published fiction, travel narratives, poetry and essays in a range of magazines and journals, ranging from Esquire to the Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and Television. His debut novel, Son Complex, was published in 2013, giving him the confidence boost to keep writing fiction.

How did he end up in Malaysia? He was born and raised in Florida, studied the viola, which brought him into contact with a Balinese gamelan, which resulted in a summer trip to study in Indonesia, which was followed by postgraduate studies in Australia, work with a television studio and publisher in Miami, then research in Malaysia. Over a decade later, he is still being tolerated in Kuala Lumpur. And still writing.

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