Jonathan CA Lim


Jonathan CA Lim


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Jonathan CA Lim is a writer in all regards, from commercial writing to creative writing, he has a penchant for all things story-telling. He has a special interest in the rhetoric of others and is fulfilled by emulating the success of his contemporaries. Though what he speaks of is not of former icons, he is making his march into the relative unknown, to move the world in his plight. He has a special interest in his creation known as, ‘Asphyxia’, which can be found in the first issue(experimental issue) of, ‘To Outrun The Grey Cloud,’ a magazine for arts, fiction, and poetry, published by an independent Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Poet, and all-round story-teller Awan Grey. It is a simple tale of Redemption and unrequited love and is of special interest simply because of how it was created.

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