Johnatha Bastos


Johnatha Bastos

Guitarist, Pianist


Music is a family heirloom, because my maternal grandfather and my mother always played piano and sang, so my first musical influences were the two.

At 3 years old he sang in the church in the neighborhood where I grew up and watched the battery, which was my first instrument. At age 6 my grandfather began to teach me keyboard.

From the 12 years my family and I began to travel the state of Rio de Janeiro playing in churches, speaking at schools telling our story of overcoming and how it all started in music. I used to get a very old guitar that my mother has to have fun and I found an inverted open string that changed my life triad. Since then, I dreamed of being a guitarist and play solos. An interesting detail is that no one believed it was possible, really not anyone!

Two teachers to 15 years, and Renata Cristina, along with some of his students have blessed me with my first equipment strings: a guitar pedal and a very old amp. Simple equipment, but providential!

Meanwhile, we continued traveling through Brazil, because the trips spanned almost the entire Southeast region and obviously the guitar included in the presentations. When we recorded our DVD at the end of 2010, I was playing electric guitar and doing solos.

Since then, the main instrument that I’ve been training and getting a warmer acceptance in the presentations is the guitar. Due to the riffs and solos, people are attracted to this different way of being a guitarist.

In 2011, I made my first Workshop playing guitar only two years ago. It was a weight workshop with the musician who influenced me since I was five years: Juninho Afram, brazilian guitar player! With him also were Alexandre Aposan (G3) and Celso Pixinga.

Shortly thereafter I did the opening of the workshop Teo Dornellas, Léo Mancini (Shaman) and Thiago Bianchi (Shaman).

In late 2011 I attended and participated in a Masterclass with Juninho Afram, Sydnei Carvalho and Alex Martinho.

In 2012 I participated in the TDT, making an extra special presentation for retailers and the amazing team of musicians Tagima. I also played with Juninho Afram in Expomusic!

In 2013 I made a concert on the bus and in the Tagima exhibition stand and booths of other partners.

If before had a more simple and very useful equipment to start, today with the tale Tagima guitars that give me the opportunity to develop myself more in the instrument.

I thank God, my parents, and the brands that give me support for helping me in the journey of being a guitarist who counts with all these attention!

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