John Ang


John Ang

Textiles Collector, Gallery Director, Art Journalist, Author


John Ang is a Malay textile collector and director of Samyama, now based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.   

With more than 28 years experience as director of a gallery that specialized in Asian antiques, furniture, textiles, ceramics and jewelry, John has written extensively about Asian art for established art magazines in Hong Kong, Singapore and the US.

His books include “The Beauty of Huanghuali Furniture”, two books in Chinese on yoga and another on foods and recipes of Southeast Asia.

John has also shared his knowledge of Asian art in New York, Minneapolis, Beijing, Singapore, Brunei, Bangkok, Taipei and Hong Kong. 

John’s exhibitions in Malaysia include Splendors of Malay World Textiles in Kuala Lumpure and Malay kelingkam embroidery at the Terengganu State Museum.

His exhibitions have also been held in Taipei, Hongkong, Bangkok, Singapore and Brunei. 

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