JB Drums


JB Drums

Percussions Group 

Johor, Malaysia

JB Drums was officially established in the presence of Mr. Tai Cai Puan, one of the creators of the 24 Festive Drums. Leading this initiative is Mr. Chong Hai Liang, a drummer who graduated from Foon Yew High School in Johor Bahru. The formation of JB Drums signifies the birth of Johor Bahru’s first professional 24 Festive Drum team.

JB Drums was founded with a mission to preserve and promote the 24 Festive Drums, recognized as a Malaysian Intangible Cultural Heritage. In its early days, JB Drums actively engaged Foon Yew High School alumni and drummers from diverse backgrounds to continue their passion for drumming. This effort led to the development of full-time drumming coaches within JB Drums.

Subsequently, JB Drums took proactive steps to establish a new drum team and appointed professional drumming coaches to work with primary and secondary schools, as well as associations, to enhance the quality of drumming education. Currently, JB Drums boasts a team of 10 professional drumming coaches and assistants, working with more than 20 drum teams of varying age groups.

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