January Low


January Low

Dancer, Odissi Dancer, Bharata Natyam Dancer,


January Low started Odissi after a thorough grounding in Bharata Natyam. Her solo Bharata Natyam performance, Profound Grace, earned her the Best Solo Performance (Dance) award at the 2003 Kakiseni BOH Cameronian Arts Awards.

January Low started her dance journey with Classical Ballet, followed by over twenty years of Indian Classical Bharata Natyam and Odissi training in Sutra Dance Theatre. She returned to the stage with a refreshed passion for dance a year after the birth of her twins adding to her belt performances for the International Odissi Festival in Orissa (2014), ASWARA’s Dance Festival – Tari (2014), Tepak Tari (2015), Georgetown Festival (2015) and the Shantanand Dance Festival (2015). Her most recent Odissi production, ‘bloom’, was a sold-out success and was extra special as she performed while 7 months pregnant. She is currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia and aspires to continue dancing to keep the tradition of Malaysian Odissi alive, believed by many to be the bastion of some of the world’s best Odissi dancers.

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