Hilyati Ramli


Hilyati Ramli

Theatre Actor, Theatre Director, Dancer, Theatre Educator

Penang, Malaysia

Nur Hilyati Ramli has been involved in various aspects of performance such as acting, directing and dance since 2004. Her talents have taken her all over Malaysia and throughout Southeast Asia. She has performed at the Penang World Dance Day, Melaka Art & Performance Festival, George Town Festival, Butterworth Fringe Festival, Kakiseni International Arts Festival, Grass Straw in Taiwan and MY PHAT – Asia Pacific Bureau Drama/Theatre/Dance School Festival in Vietnam, Indonesia and Shanghai.

She has also taught and facilitated children’s workshop performances and performing arts classes in Penang under the auspices of various organisations such as Five Arts Centre, Arts-ED Penang, Penang Performing Arts Centre (PenangPAC), Sultan Idris Education University, Our Theatre Troupe Taiwan and Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Hilyati holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the Universiti Sains Malaysia majoring in acting and directing. She is currently based in Penang, and teaches in the School of the Arts in USM.

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