The intrepid cartoonist Haili was born on March 12th, 1969 in Selangor, Malaysia. He went on to further his studies in graphics and arts education and eventually graduated at the Mensa Institute. Haili’s early career entails him working as graphic designer (Visualizer / Jr Art Director) at several leading advertising companies in and around Malaysia.

With 20 years’ experience under his belt as a manager in the corporate division, he also held part-time jobs working with several satire magazines such as Gila-Gila, Batu Api and Seloka 21. Since 1998, he has actively contributed his artworks revolving around political satire cartoons in Harakah and Suara keadilan.

Currently, Haili is involved in several group exhibitions with the Independent Cartoonists Group (KKI) in several states including Selangor, Federal Territory and Penang.

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