Gwendoline Esther Hay


Gwendoline Esther Hay


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Gwendoline Esther Hay is a KL-based spoken word poet and English major for whom Malacca will always be safe harbour.

She was second runner-up in the inaugural Malaysia National Poetry Slam at Georgetown Literary Festival 2018 and recently performed in JALIN, a spoken word poetry/theatre showcase featuring poets from both East and West Malaysia in Kuching as part of the state’s WAK Festival 2019. She was also one of the featured poets at Urbanscapes 2019.

Her other accomplishments include being featured in theatrethreesixty’s first-ever immersive spoken word theatre show, Malaysia Throws Herself a Birthday Party; being selected for the VOICES 2017 writing program with Bernice Chauly, and subsequently performing at the Georgetown Literary Festival 2017.

She has also been featured at shows such as Poetically Correct: The Wanita Showcase, Projek Dialog’s Pesta Puisi Kota, and the Truth Be Told Poetry Showcase in conjunction with the Can’t Touch This campaign against sexual harassment.

Gwendoline can be relied on to be unnecessarily enthusiastic about coffee, tea, ancient Greeks, and glitter.

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