Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

GHO$TBOY$ are a hip-hop underground rap group founded in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia on June 22, 2020 consisting of four members: Dope Sick Boy ( formerly stylized as LiL FAD )Casey Awesome ( formerly stylized as Ca$ey Awe$ome )Bolhan Nadir and Fadzril Fattah. The boys’ discography ranges with hip-hop from lo-fi and trap to gangsta rap and emo rap–working with lyrics mixture of English and Bahasa Melayu/Bahasa Sarawak, to gloomy atmospherics and drugged-out rhymes.

Dope Sick Boy ( group founder and leader ) and Casey Awesome ( group co-founder ) decided to form a rap group called GHO$TBOY$ and was joined by Bolhan Nadir and Fadzril Fattah. The meaning behind the rap collective GHO$TBOY$ is about being dead inside that’s reflecting their mental illness, drug addictions, failed relationships, suicidal ideation and etc. It eventually took on a different meaning, and they started referring to it as a group of outcasted misfits who suffered from depression and anxiety, caused from being abused ( mentally, physically & emotionally ), bullied and misunderstood by judgements and criticism of others, they’ll still rises and even strives to reach the top and make a name of themselves in the hip-hop scene.

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