FLQ a.k.a Faliq


FLQ a.k.a Faliq

Music Producer, Bedroom Synth Pop Artist


FLQ, aka Faliq, is a bedroom synth pop artist and producer from Malaysia.

FLQ’s debut release, “Untuk Kau,” is his self-produced album with collaborations with various local talents.

The album features sounds and styles with influences from the 1980s Citypop and Nostalgia pop.

The album’s heart is a continuation of Faliq’s previous producing works but with a different voice.

Drawing inspiration from 80’s Japanese and Indonesian city pop, FLQ creates his own sound through seven original tracks composed and produced by himself, featuring upcoming and talented Malaysian next-gen collaborators such as Hullera, Dian, Acap LOKO, Pi’e Ramayan, EJ Safari, and Lola.

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