Enos Araújo Barbosa


Enos Araújo Barbosa

Singer, Musician


Born in Paracatu (MG), Enos Araújo, at the age of 13, was already singing and playing at masses and youth groups in the Nossa Senhora da Piedade Community. In Uberlândia (MG), he animated the so-called Pastorais de Rua, carried out by the Fraternal Reception Mission Casa Santa Gemma.

In love with Jesus Eucharistic, he was part of the Toca de Assis Fraternity for 5 years, with which he recorded the CDs “Jesus Sacramentado, Certeza do Céu” (2006) and “From the altar of God to the altar of the Poor” (2008).

On both albums, Enos performed several songs, including some of his own, such as “To the little ones”, “This is my body on the altar and in the streets” and “Bendita Árvore da Cruz”. Currently, he exercises his ministry in prayer groups of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (RCC), in meetings, retreats and weddings, always trusting that “the praise of those who sing is their own song” (Saint Augustine).


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