Elsa Jean de Dieu


Elsa Jean de Dieu

Muralist, Visual Artist

Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based French muralist and visual artist Elsa Jean de Dieu has been spreading her creative talents throughout Asia since 2008, bringing her beautifully unique wall murals to spaces from Hong Kong to Shanghai and beyond. Her inspiring energy and creativity have resulted in commissioned wall design and artworks for a number of high-profile clients including CHANEL Catwalk Singapore, the Gallery Lafayette Paris, Robuchon au Dome Macau, the French embassies in Brussels and Oslo, and luxury art-pieces for style icons Delphine Arnault of LVMH Group and Caroline de Monaco, the Princess of Hanover. Her artwork has been featured a number of times in international and local press including ELLE, The Sunday Times, Wallpaper*, the SCMP, and Home Journal.

Elsa spent five formative years developing her craft at the prestigious Atelier Lucien Tourtoulou in Paris, where she specialised in the creation of unique textures and interior decorating for high-end clients. Looking for a new challenge, Elsa moved to Hong Kong in 2008 after being hired as Artistic Director for a local art company, where she brought her unique vision to clients in Asia. In 2015, with an impressive portfolio of high-profile projects under her belt, Elsa launched her eponymous atelier, Elsa Jeandedieu Studio, where she now heads up an all-female team of dedicated artists.

A top competitive female trail-runner in Hong Kong, Elsa naturally finds inspiration in nature and the elements, in the diverse landscape of Hong Kong, as well as haute couture and design. Her sophisticated creations tie together lightness and elegance with an adventurous exploration of textures. Recently venturing into the street art world, Elsa’s personal mission is to spread joy and happiness through her public wall murals, and to make a positive impact on people who see her art.

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