Graffiti Artist, Muralist


Born in Malaysia, Andrew Yeoh (aka) Drewfunk has exhibited nationally and internationally. Through ten solo exhibitions, a prolific street art reputation, and a number of group shows, Drewfunk established himself as a key player in the street, and fine art world. Known for a range of styles, including murals/ street art, fine ink illustration, and painting, the artworks Drewfunk composes are very distinctive. They are comprised of his background in graffiti and design, alongside the recurring influences of his cultural heritage and past experiences. Graduating with a Bachelor in Multimedia & Design from RMIT University, Drew’s design background is evident through his illustrative clean style of working. After moving to Australia, a fascination with his cultural heritage became apparent, as did the continuous influences of nostalgia and the art of the city streets. Through his style, Drewfunk aims to recapture his heritage through the context of street art. Although his initiation into street art was through graffiti writing, Drewfunk has always been drawn to characters. Animals and mystical creatures often appear and reappear across a number of his works. A lot could be said about the shifting synthesis of East & West in Drewfunk’s work.

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