Darren Ashley


Darren Ashley

Drummer, Singer, Songwriter, Deejay

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Darren Ashley has become Malaysia’s go-to guy if you’re looking for some eclectic beats.

A master of electro pop, Darren has risen from his time as a drummer in Busco to become a star in his own right.

The best part about it is that he does so with his tongue firmly in his cheek and dry wit, as you’ll see here.

Amidst his ongoing rise, Darren’s passion for music led him to dive into other ventures of his interests in music.

Recognised by Bo (Mr. Fluff ), he began producing and performing his original material as a singer songwriter, with a band and recently as a DJ.

He has also gone on to be featured on the 8tv Quickie, Ntv’s Breakfast Show, Juice and Newman Magazine, Hitz.fm, Flyfm, Xfm, and has had the honour to be featured on DJ Blink & Goldfish’s album. He has also had the privilege to perform with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

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