Cheng-Chun Chang


Cheng-Chun Chang


Tainan, Taiwan

Cheng-Chun Chang (b. 1996), born in Kaohsiung, graduated from the Graduate Institute of of Plastic Art, at Tainan University of the Arts, and currently resides in Tainan.

His artistic practice primarily involves exploring the boundaries of institutions and laws, as well as the manipulation and transformation of objects.

Through these approaches, he generates discussions on various issues related to his environment, including resource allocation, the delineation of boundaries, and the relationships between people’s rights.

He held solo exhibitions at Error22 Mousehole in Tainan, Absolute Space for the Arts (2023), and Taipei Waley Art (2022), among others.

He has also been selected for the Taipei Fine Arts Award (2022) and received the Shian Aesthetics Award in the category of Plastic Arts (2019) and the Jury Award for the Taiwan Emerging Art Award (2018).

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