Charlene Rajendran


Charlene Rajendran

Theatre educator, Writer & Dramaturg
Malaysia & Singapore

Charlene Rajendran is a Malaysian theatre educator, writer and dramaturg who is currently on sabbatical and wandering through varied spaces to listen, learn and unlearn. She is interested in questions of difference, interdisciplinarity, play-based pedagogy and thought- leadership in urban multicultural contexts.

Her involvement in theatre began in the 1970s with Teater Kanak-Kanak led by Janet Pillai at the Kompleks Budaya Negara, and then later in the 1990s with Five Arts Centre. She is thrilled to be back at Five Arts collaborating on Itself Terjadi by Marion D’Cruz.

She works as Associate Professor at the National Institute of Education – Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and has been Co-Director of Asian Dramaturgs’ Network since 2017. Her work as dramaturg includes interdisciplinary and community arts projects such as Kepaten Obor (2022), In the Silence of Your Heart (2018), Both Sides, Now (2013-2018), Ghost Writer (2016) and The Malay Man and His Chinese Father (2016).

Publications include (Asian) Dramaturgs’ Network: Sensing, Complexity, Tracing and Doing (lead editor, 2023), The Routledge Companion to Theatre and Young People (co-editor, 2022), Changing Places: Drama Box and the Politics of Space (lead editor, 2022), Performing Southeast Asia: Performance, Politics and the Contemporary (co-editor, 2020), and Excavations, Interrogations, Krishen Jit and Contemporary Malaysian Theatre (lead editor, 2018), academic articles and creative texts.

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