Alvin Law


Alvin Law

Actor, Drummer, Musician, Writer


In 1981, Alvin Law was a successful disc-jockey on a mid-market FM Radio station in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Not so coincidentally in his mind, it was also the International Year Of Disabled Persons. What’s the old cliche…when one door closes another one opens? Well Alvin made a monumental choice to close one door voluntarily and the one he stepped through has taken him on an incredible journey into the world of Motivational Speaking!

Alvin loves to use his story as proof that “Attitude” is so much more than an overused word. As another cliche goes…It Is Everything! In fact, science is even acknowledging that it changes our internal body chemistry and is the key to winning the battle with mental health that has become such an important issue in our world. Alvin should know. He began his life with the odds stacked completely against him.

Alvin was born without arms in 1960, a result of the infamous morning sickness medication, Thalidomide. By five days of age, his family abandoned him leaving him in the hospital in the care of a social worker who was the only person who didn’t write him off. What happened next is the riveting story Alvin has shared with over 2,000,000 people of all ages on five continents at over 7,500 events.

Alvin is a Certified Speaking Professional and a bestselling author of Alvin’s Laws Of Life…5 Steps to Successfully Overcome Anything! He has been inducted in two Halls of Fame: The Canadian Professional Speakers and the Canadian Disability Foundation, for his remarkable achievements and for being the epitome of resilience and determination.

He won an Emmy award for a short feature film on ABC-TV in America, played a credited role on the hit TV show, X-Files, and in a film by renowned director Harmony Korine called Julien…Donkey Boy. He has appeared in over 100 telethons and since 1976, has been directly involved in raising over $225,000,000 for charity.

In Canada, he’s been the subject of several award winning, nationally broadcast documentaries. And a remarkable new highlight: A feature on the fastest growing personal development platform on the internet, Goalcast, has over 40,000,000 views on Facebook alone. Entitled “What’s Your Label?”, it focuses on what Alvin believes was his biggest life challenge: stigma. Not only did Alvin change his label from victim to victor, but is described by critics as being one of the most Relatable Speakers in the Industry.

Alvin uses his incredible true story to challenge every audience on a personal level. People who actually heard him as long as forty years ago describe him as the most memorable speaker they’ve ever experienced. But most important, he’s completely effective at getting audiences to rewrite the negative stories they tell themselves about themselves; to stop feeling like victims seeking blame and becoming accountable for their own outcomes. To stop making excuses and start making new choices.

His unique fusion of storytelling, musical performances (he’s a world class multi-instrument player) and down-to-earth humour connect with audiences at an intimate, intense and individual level.

Alvin and his wife and business partner, Darlene, live in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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