Alice Lee


Alice Lee

Artist, Clay Artist, Sculptor, Educator

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Alice Lee is a clay-artist & sculptor and educator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

She is also a cat-momma, a crazy aunt to an inquisitive niece, and a craft supply hoarder.

The discovery of crafts intrigued her and after many years of exploration, she chose clay as her craft medium of choice, due to its versatility and endless possibilities with imagination.

She also enjoys listening to people’s stories and making random jokes, haha!

Before finding her passion in clay making, She was a medical science student, a medical sales rep, an insurance agent, retail and bank salesperson and a self-confessed couch potato. She struggled with negative thoughts, but eventually found a healthy coping mechanism in clay making.

The detailing in clay is my Zen.

She is the platform coordinator at The Artsy Craftsy, usually behind the scenes.

At events, She is usually behind the booths or setting up and teaching crafts to people of all ages.

Online, She looks after the platform’s backend and online classes setup.

She strives to spread the creative bug around by doing what I love.

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