Ajesh Suresh


Ajesh Suresh



My works take the form of interventions in the natural environment stemming from my love for Nature.

Ajesh is a multidisciplinary artist who specialises in Site-Specific Installations and Performances. A graduate from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design with a Master of Fine Art, he found his calling to capture interventions in natural environments through his love for nature. Combined with his fervent passion for theatre, Ajesh has included his physical-self as part of his interventions. The fruition of that facet is captured through his art expressions without a defined stage and audience.

The communicative nature of the visual arts has long been studied and it seems to become commonplace for today’s art critiques to highlight this attribute of creativity. Innately, interactivity has become a major theme in the artworks created by Ajesh. The artist has focused on the communicative phenomenon in each of his projects since the beginning of his career and life path within art. It has become imperative for the artist to allow people to communicate with each other through his work.

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